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Green Indoors

Become an Organizer

Information session will be hosted on February 12th, 6:45pm in Upson 202 

Who we're looking for


  • Define technical requirements and performance metrics for a small wind turbine for rural electrification

  • Write competition rules and problem statement to define project scope, deliverables, and timeline

  • Create and maintain aerodynamic, structural, electromagnetic, and cost models for wind turbine design and optimization

  • Plan technical competition aspects such as test procedures, technical resources, data analysis, and coordination with engineers on the ground in Peru

  • Define impact metrics to quantify teams' contributions to the UN sustainable development goals

  • Discuss and refine the overall structure of the GAIA competition to scale up our impact and exploit synergies with other technical programs


  • Plan, design, and execute an in-person competition to assess the competitor prototype designs with an expected attendance of up to 50 people.

  • Coordinate competition event specifics such as booking a venue, transportation, and scheduling.

  • Recruit new schools and universities to host a GAIA team

  • Coordinate competitors engagement and dissemination of GAIA materials and information to competitors

  • Plan for the execution of all stages of the GAIA competition


  • Define the intellectual property of both GAIA and competitors

  • Outline legal rules for competitors

  • Study local country regulations to ensure a smooth implementation process


  • Coordinate operations with NGO partner (WindAid  Institute, located in Trujillo, Peru)

  • Develop relationships with new NGO sustainability partners

  • Coordinate international trip to partner communities to foster the impact of the competition: visas, monitoring trip operations, flight and travel planning, etc...

  • Develop and continue relationships with industry mentors and competition judges

  • Work with legal team to understand the international laws and agreements of implementing prototypes in partner communities


  • Create a comprehensive website, maintain social media platforms, communicate with news outlets, and spread the word through various outlets

  • Develop a brand for the project such as promotional videos, logo, merchandise, etc.

  • Lead efforts on recruitment and interviews


  • Maintain detailed accounts of finances and open a bank account to store donations

  • Fundraise money by networking with potential investors including companies and Cornell alumni, and applying for grants

  • Work with other subteams to record proposed expenses

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