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About Us

Who We Are

Global Action Impact Association

organizes a national competition that empowers college teams to conceive, design, prototype, and execute high-impact solutions for global sustainability.

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Our Mission

Our mission at GAIA is to promote individual and group exploration into sustainable technologies to maximize positive impact for communities in need.

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Our Goals

GAIA aims to foster an environment where students can explore their interests in sustainable technologies, gain hands on experience with industry partners, and pursue impact-focused careers in global development and sustainability.

How We Started

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In the Engineering Leadership Certification Program at Cornell University, a team of passionate engineers founded GAIA to address the need for sustainable solutions to global issues. Guided by the program's values of innovation, collaboration, and leadership, they created a platform where college teams could design, test, and implement impactful solutions for global sustainability. Today, GAIA continues to build on this foundation, empowering the next generation of engineering leaders to make a positive impact on the world.

Meet the Team

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