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Green Hills

Are you a professional with experience in sustainability, engineering for global development, rural electrification, or wind turbines?

Amplify your impact by serving as a GAIA mentor or judge! 

Mentors will:

  • Have the opportunity to interact frequently with the college teams, providing guidance and feedback throughout the next several months.

  • Allow for deeper interactions with the student teams, which can result in more meaningful impact and growth.

  • Require a longer time commitment compared to judging.

Judges will:

  • Use the impact metrics developed by GAIA to score each portion of the competition, drawing on their experience evaluating development projects.

  • Only require a commitment around the time of the competition in early summer

Current Mentors & Judges

Apply Now!

Suggest some times in the next 1-2 weeks you are available to meet on zoom for more information

Judges and mentors may also provide feedback to improve the impact metrics and competition structure for future GAIA competitions. Both opportunities can be completed virtually over zoom.

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